Alpha Channel, a Techno Thriller

Alpha Channel, a Techno Thriller
By:"Khristophe Keen"
Published on 2009-06 by Strategic Book Publishing

The Conservatorium is a CIA architecture school in Los Angeles. It drafts civilians to engage the forces of Europe in a race to determine the future of design after post modernism. The school s dean, Doxa Dasien, recruits an army of students in an effort to realize her dream project: working on the international airline terminal at LAX. She feeds off of Renee Begriff, a 30-year-old transvestite who is ready for a change. Renee is a confused soul who feels guilty for killing his mother as a child. He still lives at home, but is ready for his life to take off, so he accepts the challenge presented by the CIA school. Alpha Channel: A Techno Thriller will take you on an unexpected ride.

This Book was ranked 10 by Google Books for keyword techno thrillers.

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