A Physicist's View of Matter and Mind

A Physicist's View of Matter and Mind
By:"Chandre Dharma-wardana"
Published on 2013-03-20 by World Scientific

This is a highly interdisciplinary book straddling physics and complex systems such as living organisms. The presentation is from the perspective of physics, in a manner accessible to those interested in scientific knowledge integrated within its socio-cultural and philosophical backgrounds. Two key areas of human understanding, namely physics and conscious complex systems, are presented in simple language. An optional technical presentation is also given in parallel where it is needed. Contents:Part I. The Nature of Physical Law:A Bird's Eye View of Our QuestAn Epistemic Hunt for Scientific TruthThe Laws of Nature and the Supremacy of SymmetryMaxwell's Magical Trinity — Electricity, Magnetism and LightThe Theory of RelativityThe Quantum World and 'Reality'Entanglement, Measurement and Quantum ParadoxesMany Particle Systems and the Classical LimitEnergy, Entropy and Emergent PropertiesPart II. Complex Systems and Consiousness:Bio-Molecules, the Sub-Slime of AstrochemistryThe Cell as the Basic Unit of LifeSpecialized Cells for Sight, Insight, and InformationExotic, Quantum Explanations of ConsciousnessAddressing the Enigmatic Questions Readership: General audience with interest in physics and complex systems biology as well as science academics. Keywords:Laws of Physics;Epistemology of Science;Scientific Revolutions;Relativity;Quantum Theory;Bohmian Picture;Paradoxes in Physics;Density Functional Theory;Decoherence;Thermodynamics;Determinism and Free Will;Emergent Properties;Evolution;Origin of life;Memory;ConsciousnessKey Features:The book traces developments in astrochemistry and the origin of life, and it provides the reader with our modern understanding of memory and consciousness

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