The Wheel Spins (The Lady Vanishes) – Thriller Classic

The Wheel Spins (The Lady Vanishes) – Thriller Classic
By:"Ethel Lina White"
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This carefully crafted ebook: “The Wheel Spins (The Lady Vanishes) – Thriller Classic” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Wheel Spins is the novel about young and bright Iris Carr, who is on her way back to England after spending a holiday somewhere in the Balkans. After she is left alone by her friends, Iris catches the train for Trieste and finds company in Miss Froy, chatty elderly English woman. When she wakes up from a short nap, she discovers that her elderly travelling companion seems to have disappeared from the train. After her fellow passengers deny ever having seen the elderly lady, the young woman is on the verge of her nerves. She is helped by a young English traveler, and the two proceed to search the train for clues to the old woman's disappearance. Ethel Lina White (1876-1944) was a British crime writer, best known for her novel The Wheel Spins, on which the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Lady Vanishes, was based.

This Book was ranked 4 by Google Books for keyword Thriller Classics.

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